How to Choose the Best Convertible Car Seat for Your Baby?

The safety of your little bundle of joy is naturally extremely important to you. That is why you are buying a good car seat for them is essential. Don’t forget though, that not all car seats are created equal. With so many options to choose from, don’t be caught making a purchase you’ll regret. Check all these points, mentioned below, to buy the best convertible car seat for baby.

Convertible Car seat

  • Comfort
  • Adjustable Features
  • User-Friendly
  • Safety
  • Protection from Side Impact
  • Cleaning
  • Lightweight


Make sure that the seat is well padded without itchy harnesses. Plus it should have proper head and neck support. Do not fasten the safety belts so tight that your tiny tot can’t even move. If everything is smooth, you will have a happier, less-cranky baby.

Adjustable Features:

Baby Convertible Car Seat


You’ll need to adjust the harness as your child grows. The better car seats allow you to adjust the straps and harness height easily from the front. There are some models available that even have single-handed belt adjustments with quick-release buckles.


Car seats have been awarded star rating to indicate how user-friendly they are. You need to pay attention to these ratings. Otherwise, the tricky straps and buckles will make a stressful day more stressful.


Be careful that you only buy a car seat with a 5-point harness for your baby. These harnesses indicate that there is a strap for each shoulder, a strap for baby’s hip, and a strap which fits between your child’s legs. These are found in most car seats and are essential safety features.

Protection from Side Impact:

Not all car seats feature custom-made shock-absorbing foam inserts. These foam inserts provide additional head and chest protection. If in the worst case you find yourself in a car accident, there should be safeguards from side impacts for your kiddie.


Baby car seats with covers that are detachable are far easier to clean than covers which don’t come off. You will be needing to wash the covers after every mess your tiny tot will be done. Thus, keep in mind when shopping to buy a seat with easily removable covers and machine washable fabric.


The car seat you are going to purchase should be lightweight. If you will buy a seat with heavyweight you will find trouble to move your kid with it. Or else you will end up with your hand aching.


These are the points you should keep in mind while visiting a baby shop in Blackburn to buy the car seat for your little wonder. The smoother, and safer the car seat is the happier your baby and you will be.

Choose a Perfect Nursing Chair For You And Your Kid

Dealing with newborn babies is not an easy work. This especially the case during feeding time. If the baby is not relaxed, he or she will start crying and avoid feeding. Even if they are relaxed, your hands will start aching after holding them for so long. A nursing chair will prevent both problems.

The armrest keeps you from getting tired while the rocking mechanism will help to sooth the baby. Some of the chairs also come with an ottoman so you can rest your feet while feeding the kid.

Here is a list of different nursing chairs, rock chairs, and gliders. See through it and choose the best suitable for you.

Il Tutto Milla Nursery Chair

Il Tutto Milla Nursery Chair

The il Tutto Milla Nursery chair is expertly crafted with a solid hardwood frame, extra thick padding for comfort and includes 4 additional beams, so when your nursing period is over, you can transform this chair from a rocker into a stylish armchair.

Boston Nursery Rocking Chair with Footrest

The Boston nursery rocking chair is perfect to rock the day away reading, sleeping, or nursing. This high-quality glider is expertly crafted from the best materials, making them a property that will last for generations.

Valco Baby Bliss Glider

Valco baby bliss glider

The Valco baby bliss glider comes with the matching ottoman. Your kid will be extra comfy with its smoothness. Moreover, kids will enjoy the smooth rocking motion.

Valco Baby Eurobell Glider

valco baby Eurobell glider slate grey

The Eurobell glider is designed as a nursing chair. Thus, it has the quality of both nursing chair and glider. The soothing gliding motion and comfortable padding of a nursing chair will ensure you, that you and your baby are in the most comfortable environment possible.

Madison Nursing Rocking Chair

Madison nursing rocking chair is a nice choice for feeding and settling. You can enjoy the gentle rocking. Its gray coloured soft cushions are giving it a lavish look. You can purchase the matching ottoman separately.

Baby Direct Deluxe Glider

Baby Direct Deluxe Glider

The Baby direct deluxe glider is a Smooth rocking chair with easy to glide ottoman. It has microfiber cushions for softness and durability. Moreover, it has extra thick back cushions promotes Ergonomic health and reduce back pain. The gliding ottoman helps reduce water retention. You can arrange it in the nursing room, bedroom or living room.

Using a nursing chair is definitely an advantage if you are looking for a place to nurse your kid or just rest while carrying your kid. With the competitive prices are available from these brands will surely be cost-effective.


Browse online today to purchase a glider chair or rocking chair from a reliable baby shop in Mitcham to nurse your kid with softness and comfort.

To Give Your Toddler a Bundle Of Comfort, Buy Joolz Pram

After being a parent what is more important than the comfort of your kid? You are the only one to take care of each and every need of the baby. You enjoy his first eye-opening, his first smile, his first word and everything.

It does not end with enjoyment only, as a new parent, you have lots of new responsibilities. You face new issues every day. With all the issues, all you want is the safety and comfort of your tiny tot. For that, all you need to do is just buy Joolz pram, the bundle of comfort for you and your tiny tot.

Why Joolz pram is considered as a bundle of comfort for you and your baby? Here are some of the comfy features of both the style of Joolz pram which will prove you that.

Joolz Day2

Joolz Day2

With Joolz day2 you can safeguard your kid inside the pram, thus he does not get any dust, smoke or germs of outside. Moreover, you will be able to see what he is doing inside, so does he, with the see-through cot ventilation. For the comfort of your infant, in Joolz day2, they are giving you the cozy and smooth head cushion on the mattress.

You can make your kid sit on table height with you, while you are having a family dinner or a date with your friends with Joolz day2. It also has an adjustable footrest to place the child’s legs and feet in comfort. This is particularly good for a child who has fallen asleep. It will prop up their legs into a lay flat position.

Moreover, its compact folding and upright storage will give you comfort, for storing while not in use, or while you want to transport it from one place to another.

Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo 2 will provide a transport lock, which ensures you that the frame of the stroller remains locked, and folded when you transport. A stroller with a transport lock is easier to manage. Moreover, it provides you one-motion folding. Which is easy to fold and store.

With Joolz Geo 2 you will get a compact duo pushchair, for your both the kids. That means that you do not need to handle two prams for your two kids. You can enjoy your outing with both the tiny tots, together.

As like Joolz day2, Joolz Geo 2 too will allow you to make your baby sit at the table height. It also provides you a removable extra large basket which you can use as your convenience. Moreover, it is a terrain product. It means that you can use it wherever you go.

Over to You

You can see how much comfy it is for your toddler and you. So, if you are pregnant or you already have your joy in front of you, you must not wait to go and purchase one. You can buy it from a trustworthy baby shop in Doncaster.

Get Amazing Bumbleride Trade-in Offer on Baby-Direct Website

This is your chance to get a NEW pram at a great price AND help a family in need.

Hand in your old pram – any brand – which will be donated to St Kilda Mums to be rehomed and receive $200 or $300 OFF a new Bumbleride.


Bumbleride’s range of all-terrain prams are perfect for an active, outdoor lifestyle and will impress you. In fact, the Indie (single model) has won both the 2016 and 2017 Product Review Awards based on authentic customer reviews.

Read more about Bumbleride Logohere.

To be eligible for the offer, your old pram has to have the following:

  • A 5-point harness
  • A sun hood
  • A flat option for a newborn
  • A cargo basket
  • A foot brake
  • Be in good working order

So come into store and we will help you with this exciting changeover. You will not regret it.

The Essential Baby Gear Shopping Checking List For New Parents

Shopping for your baby can be rather overwhelming as you are too excited to buy your baby’s products. These products are so much attractive to choose from. This is why it is essential to make a checklist of required baby gears and baby products in advance. By making this list, it is easy for you to buy them well before the birth of your baby.

You may find this piece of writing very helpful, as you will get an idea about more expensive baby gears you will need to buy such as pram, car seat, cot, etc. Being a parent, it’s your responsibility to buy quality products for your baby such as the Babyzen yoyo which is multi-award winning pushchair that converts in a flash into hand luggage dimensions. These type of products are best to have in your possession before the birth of your baby.

Here’s a guide as to what you may need before and after the born of your baby:

  • A Baby Carrier

Baby Carrier

Carrying your baby doesn’t have to be a struggle when baby carrier is there. When you are out, this carrier allows you to have your hands free with your baby strapped into the front or back. A baby carrier makes your traveling or shopping with the kids easy and hassle-free.

  • A Baby Stroller

Any time when you leave the house with your baby, you will require something that can carry your baby with safety. A baby stroller is easy to use and carry. You will find various types of baby strollers such as standard strollers and compact baby strollers and others. Compact baby strollers are easy to carry for picnics.

  • A Diaper Bag

A diaper bag is meant to hold necessary baby items when you’re out of your home. Some diaper bags come with extra compartments for keys, water bottle, phone, etc. Thus, they are necessary for you and your baby. With the main feature of convenient, diaper bags every mother suggests to buy.

  • A Baby Bouncer

baby bouncer

A baby bouncer is designed not only to entertain baby but also to aid in the development of strong muscles and healthy bodies. Some bouncers have additional features which make their use even more enjoyable as they come with extra features such as music, light and vibration options.

Thus, with these items, baby gears come to the end initially but it’s not just over. Because you need to purchase many more things when baby grows such as baby furniture, baby car seat, etc.

Buying such baby stuff will be an exciting and heartwarming process. To make this process memorable, it’s better to consider Baby Direct shop, as they have a complete range of baby products and baby furniture that grows with your baby.

2018’s Top 4 Booster Car Seat For Kids

The concept of car seats came into existence to serve assurance of kid’s safety for every parent. It is the best way to be tension-free while going on a trip with your little ones. This is because a car seat that is specifically designed for babies have all the essential features to protect him/her from sudden brakes or bumps.

While talking about the car seat, it is classified into three types viz Infant, convertible and booster. It is segregated on the basis of age, height, and weight. Among all the three, booster car seat is a product that can be used for a longer period. Once a kid has reached an age of 6 months, a parent can make a use of it till he/she attains an age of 8 years. It can be the most reliable thing to protect kids in the growing phase. If you too are thinking of getting one for your little one then go through a list that is jotted as under:

Baby Love Ezy Move Booster Seat

Baby Love Ezy Move Booster Seat

Having dimensions of 73cm in height, 31cm in diameter and 43cm in width, this car seat offers utmost protection. It is suitable for children within the age group of 4-8 years. It has wings on both the sides to offer impact protection from the opened ends. Moreover, it features correct position of the belts, lightweight, folds flat for easy storage and it has a handle i.e. to easy-to-carry handle.

Once your baby has attained the age of 4 years, you can shop baby love car seat to lay your hands on such an amazing product.

Maxi Cosi Luna Harnessed Car Seat

Maxi Cosi Luna Harnessed Car Seat

It is designed to fit kids of the age group of 6 months to 6-8 years. It is considered as the most protective car seat as New World First technology is used for making adjustable comfort headrest, superior side impact, adjustable armrests and allows to change two reclining positions.

Infa Secure Emerge Treo Car Seat

Infa Secure Emerge Treo Car Seat

It is the car seat that not only offers utmost protection but also has vibrant designs. Infa Secure Emerge Treo Car Seats offer you two choices for selecting the color. You can either go for Normad black or Purple. It features greater strength, stability, ease of use and a Type G child restraint with a completely re-engineered backrest.

Safety 1st Prime AP Convertible Booster Seat

Safety 1st Prime AP Convertible Booster Seat

As per the name suggests, the main aim of it is to offer greater protection. It is a combination of two types of car seats. You can either use it as a convertible or booster. Also, Safety 1st Prime AP convertible booster seats are available in three distinctive shades of color i.e. red, teal and gray marle. Other vivid traits are that it has new natural antibacterial property, multifunctional utility straps, adjustable 5 position headrest, side protection and stability to kids at any age between 6 months and 8 years.

Get inspired by the booster car seats for kids that topped the list of the 2018 and choose one that suits your requirements the most. You can get all these products on our website. Simply browse through it and you’ll find Baby Direct as a one-stop solution for all baby essentials.

Things Which You Should Know Before Going To Buy Infa Secure Car Seat

Well, when it comes about the babysitter so no doubt that the car sitter is an essential and main thing which helps and plays a vital role during the time when you are planning to go out somewhere and plan to travel. Rest of this, as per the research it is no doubt an evaluated that around 70% of auto/ car seats are not introduced accurately –but what if your auto/ baby car isn’t that much secure?

But there is no need to be a worry as there is a site which always gives and offers you the best baby product and items and that is the baby direct site. Baby direct offers you the finest and remarkable offer to buy infa secure car seat that not just best but also easy and comfortable to sit for your baby.

Infasecure car seat

Rest of this, if you are new and not that much aware about the baby credentials especially about the car sitter then before going to buy make sure that you have checked below-mentioned information.

Continuously check for these regular slip-ups:

First thing is that make sure that your kid’s age is the absolute minimum with regards to picking the correct kid limitation, their physical size, shoulder and also check that it’s the ideal opportunity you’re your kid/ child or not. Except that, another thing which you have to check is that make sure that the seat is not fitting the saddle effectively. Rest of this, their bridle ought to be free of turns, and have a decent, cozy fit.

Then the other mail things which you have to check are the Top tie ties that mean make sure that the babysitter/ seat is must be connected to your vehicles’ or auto harbor point. You can’t connect it to gear cuts. Check your vehicle manual in case you’re uncertain where they are found.

Wrapping it up:

Rest of this, after this long haul, it is not wrong to say that Infa Secure is fully sheltered, and convenient for your child. This has no doubt one of the finest, moderate and flexible travel frameworks. Regardless of whether you need to make a speedy stop at the general store or exchange your dozing child/baby from the auto to his/her bed, you can rely on Infa Secure to be there for you.

In spite of this, if you think that there is a bit more which you need to know about the babysitter then without any asking go and visit Baby direct site. There you will be able to find enough awareness not just only one specific this Infa Secure babysitter but also for other brands as well.

In short, Infa Secure are best and reliable for your baby as it has coordinators, auto seats, high seats, and numerous different features in a few energizing hues. With this Infa Secure babysitter, you can make sure that your baby/ child is protected and secure.

A Guide to Secure Your Baby During Travel

To travel anywhere or at any place with your baby demands some extra care and safety precautions. According to the law, your baby can’t sit directly on your lap during the time of your traveling. For this, there are various safety and secure babysitter and prams are available in the market. But to pick the best one is kind of tricky thing. So no matter if you buy a joolz pram or other ones, there are some things which you need to remember for your baby safety.


1. Baby booster:

Before going to buy any seat or pram, make sure that you have checked the age credentials. Secondly, make sure that the pram or sitter is easily convertible into folded dimensions, have high belt and back positioning for the safety, as the lap and shoulder belt positioning help to restrain your baby tightly and securely. In addition to that, another thing which is important to check is, if your baby is newly born or infant then make sure that the sitter, seat or pram has an option to convert it into a toddler sitter or pram.

2. Reliable shuttle or stroller:

Next thing is the reliable and easy peasy stroller availability. This easy-going shifting helps you out during the time of your traveling so before going to choose or buy a joolz pram or any other, make sure that this convertible shuttle shifted feature is available.

3. Check the safety level:

The Third vital tool is the safety condition. Always try to buy the recombobulate sitter or pram so this not just gives you the tranquilizing comfort to your baby, but also keeps your baby safe and secure from any kind of mishap, injury or harshness.

4. LATCH and the three C’s:

Despite this, make sure that you have checked the LATCH facility and the other three C’s that are a convenience, connection, and comfort. Additionally, also think and act wisely and check the other installations, belts, and height of the sitter.

Wrapping it up:

After this long haul, no doubt that everyone wants to pick the reliable, right and perfect choice for their babies. But I think that keeping these tips in mind will help you out to pick the right choice. In short, is also the right way to avail where you can easily see and buy the best baby pram according to the age of your baby.

Things to Know Before Choosing a Baby Cot

A cot or a cot bed, it would be most bulky and expensive piece of baby equipment you would require before the arrival of your baby. It is crucial to consider factors for choosing the right cot for your baby as parents these days have numerous attractive options such as to buy Cocoon Ritz Cot to furnish kid’s nursery.


Here is the guide to select a perfect cot product for your little one that can be useful until you child grows to 8 to 9 years old. Take a peek and know how to choose a baby cot or cot bed:

Start searching early

It is better to start your research on an early basis because believe it or not but you might change your mind a few time before you make a final decision. Also, the product might not be available at the time when you need it or the delivery time is longer than you expect. Considering such factors, it is advisable to search for your required cot in advance so that you can have a backup plan.

Contemplate the room size

Are you planning to fit the cot in your room for initial few weeks? Is baby’s nursery room enough spacious for the cot bed you are about to buy? This aspect should be considered before you bring a cot home. It is suggested to make a brief room plan for baby cot and related other furniture. So that while shopping, you would not need to waste time evaluating whether or not the furniture fits in your child’s bedroom. Make a list of the products you want in your baby’s room and take a measurement of the room before you finalize any cot bed for your little one.

Determine: Drop rail or fixed side

It is your personal preference as some people like fixed bed while some like to have drop rail. That’s because some of you need it while others do not. You can go for a cot design that allows performing a one-handed operation if you want to have a cot with drop rail. It assures a firm hold of your baby when you lower him to put into the cot.

Convertible or non-convertible to a toddler bed

Well, many of you would like to have a transition from a cot into a mini bed before your bay grows enough to be put in a larger bed. In such cases, cot bed is the best convenient option. A growing baby is agiler as they are learning to move in the bed or to walk on their own. So, it becomes essential to ensure their security. It would be excellent if the cot can be converted into a toddler bed where your baby has been sleeping safe and sound since a long time.

After all these factors mentioned above, you still need to be careful about choosing the mattress and a cot with wheels. You can come across a variety of products if you visit Baby Direct store that is a one-stop solution for any baby products you necessitate for your little bundle of joy and cuteness.

Secure Your Baby’s Comfort with All-In-One Travel System

As soon as you get the news of new arrival, your essentials feature a pram with travel system that is must to carry your little one around. Travel systems are specifically made to make your traveling easy with your baby. Perhaps that is the reason it is highly recommended as an all-in-one travel system. Whether you buy Joie travel system or any other brand, you should be aware of its functionality and advantages.


Most of the travel systems include a set of 1) baby stroller 2) a car seat base and 3) a car seat. A baby car seat also consists of a handle that allows you to use it as a baby carrier. It makes the task easier when it comes to place and removes the car seat from a stroller or a car.

The base of the model would be fixed to your vehicle seat permanently so that you do not need to remove and fit it every time you want to use. You can attach the seat tightly to your car with the help of seat belt and can lock the base system with a seat easily.

There are plenty of reasons you should consider to buy a travel system. Some of them are as follows:

Combination of a car seat and a stroller

With a baby as a new family member, a stroller is a vital item for you as it allows you to move freely with your baby. A car seat is imperative when you are not going for a stroll but traveling in your car. To keep your baby safe and in his comfort zone, car seat plays a crucial role. But what to do as soon as you get out of the car? Well, you can place the same car seat with baby into the stroller. As simple as that, isn’t it?

Easy shifting

As discussed in the above point, shifting your baby from car to stroller or stroller to car is an easy task. You do not go through the hassle of fastening or unfastening; while your little one would be happy in his relaxation zone. So the only thing you have to do is, open the clip of the carrier from your vehicle seat and place it in the stroller. That’s all.

Advanced safety level

The major concern for any new parents is the safety and security of their little one while traveling. A safe and healthy life is what every parents want for their kids. The car seat, as a part of the travel system, is the best option to contemplate for your little one’s security. It is easy to do and undo from a car as well as from a stroller. Especially, it is extremely convenient when your baby is asleep and you need to move him. You do not need to disturb as you can unfasten the entire car seat and put it in the stroller and vice versa.

Along with guarding your baby, these systems are highly cost-effective if you refer to The cost of a travel system is affordable for almost any family, plus, it is long lasting and functional until your kid grows to be 2-3 years old. So what are you waiting for? Get a travel system today and provide your baby the necessary protection.