Booster Seats

Reasons Why You Need to Choose Right Booster Seats

According to many reports, more than 90% of the 4-8-year-old children that injured in a crash were not restrained in a booster seat. While some other report suggests that about 40% to 50% of 4-8-year-old children were totally unrestrained in fatal crashes.

So, when your child is kicking and screaming because they are fixed in a car seat or booster seat and you might think to let them out but don’t do that. In an event of a collision, having a child restrained in the proper seat can save their life.

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Seat Belts are For Adults

When it comes to designing the car, the measurements for parts are measured regarding adults and not for the kids. That is the reason why seat belts are also not meant for kids and in such cases, you will need a booster seat to properly fit your child in your car. While the safety features will only work if you modify your vehicles according to your child.

Right Style of Seat Can Save Your Children

According to the NHTSA, there are four types of car seats: rear facing, forward facing, booster seat and seat belts. In addition to the law, a child’s age and weight determine which style of the seat should they use.

Moreover, if you aren’t sure which type of seat is best for your child, you can check it out online. However, there are many types of booster seats available in the market so you also check for the best booster seat to buy from the internet.

Have it Properly Installed

Installing a booster car seat correctly can be daunting but could save your child’s life. While it is a combination of knowing what equipment your vehicle has available to secure it. Start off the installation process by pulling out your vehicle’s owner manual and checking their recommended installation points.

After that check your car seat’s installation guide and install the seat in a position that is recommended by the manufacturer. After you have installed the seat correctly, make sure to schedule an appointment with your local police or fire department to ensure your booster seat is installed in the safest position.

If you have any trouble in installing your car seat, you can contact your nearest certified car seat technician.

Misusing the Seat Belt

Although it might not be comfortable for your child they need to follow strict safety standards that are recommended for seat belts used with booster seats.

While some common misuse of seat belts includes:

  • Placing the seatbelt under the window-side arm of the child
  • Lap belt high on the belly
  • Seat belt over the armrest of the booster seat
  • Moving the top of the shoulder belt behind the back of the child for added comfort.
  • A child holding the shoulder belt away from the body using their hands.
Newborn Checklist

Newborn Checklist: Things that You Will Need Before your Baby Arrives

What are the most essential things a newborn needs? This is one of the questions that you need to think before your baby arrives. Although it is a popular belief that you should start shopping after the baby arrives as it helps to be prepared for the arrival of the baby.

While most of the parents do is they buy shoes, toys, and clothes but in reality, the list of essentials really doesn’t have to be this complicated. However, if you are seeking to buy the best baby gear such as car seats, baby strollers, and it’s accessories then you can buy Mamas and Papas products from

Things To Buy For Newborn Baby


While getting your baby list ready, it is important to keep in mind that every little action of your baby along with every aspect and every season. Here are the products that you need for your baby.

Nursing Clothes

Nursing clothes are necessary for the mommies, while clothes with light materials and nursing covers are a good option. Furthermore, you can choose nursing bras, nightwear, and tops along with nipple cream and nipple shields to protect your skin.

Breast Pumps

There is a wide variety of breast pumps available in the market like the aselectric and manual ones. So, you have the option to choose between an open and closed system that work on one or both breasts at the same time.


If you are breastfeeding or bottle-feeding your baby then you will surely need a sterilizer in order to these things till the baby turns a year old.


If you are bottle-feeding your baby then you will need to add feeding essentials on your list. Baby formula is something that you will need as it is prescribed by the pediatrician. At first, start with a single tin to see if your baby has some allergies, discomfort or constipation from that particular brand.


Baby Mattress and Crib

As your baby needs a personal bed for themselves, a baby crib is a perfect choice for them. A lightweight crib with well-fitted mattress would be there on your baby essential’s list. While you should avoid in investing that fancy and fluffy looking blankets or mattresses since these could smother and suffocate your baby.

Instead, you should use light sheets and tuck them firmly in them.

Baby Blankets and Sheets

You should always use lint-free good quality blankets and sheets for your newborn’s bedding. Also, remember that these blankets should be breathable and you should also pick light colors for bedding as well. While mattress protectors and quick dry sheets are also necessary in order to ensure your baby has a comfortable bed to sleep in.

Baby Monitor

If your baby has a nursery to sleep in then you will probably need a baby monitoring and safety tool to keep an eye on him/her. While you buy a baby monitor, make sure it is from a good company. Also, check if is rechargeable for its long lasting life.

Choose the Right Stuffed Animal Toys

How to Choose the Right Stuffed Animal Toys?

Stuffed animals are always the perfect gifts and kids love them, However, stuffed animal toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and, even species. So, finding the right stuffed animal for you may be a challenge if you can’t choose between different types.

Moreover, if you are looking for affordable stuffed toys for your children then you can buy it from Mamas and Papas. They have a huge variety of stuffed toys available for children.

Although if you are confused about selecting the right stuffed animal then here are some useful suggestions for working that out!

Make it Special

These stuffed animals become life-long friends are usually received at special times. Giving stuff toys when they are sad or happy or excited can be extremely meaningful to your child. There’s something about receiving these stuffed animals that say you care in a way that nothing else can. If you are looking for a toy that can celebrate a special occasion or comfort your little one then nothing beats a stuffed animal.

Consider Your Child’s Interests

If your child loves a specific animal then a plain brown puppy won’t excite her much. Think like a child who is going to receive it when picking out a stuffed animal. You can also get some idea from the drawings they make. You should always consider your child’s interest while selecting a stuffed toy for them.

Get the Child’s Input

If possible, ask your child what he or she would prefer, especially if your kid’s interests change from month to month. You can also ask them like if you could have a pet then what it would be or if you would paint your cat any color then which one will it be? Before buying, you should also look for the stuffed toys that your child already owns. If they are all teddy bears then you can get a clue what you should look for. You can also take a tour with the child through a number of toy websites that offers many options.

Go Fluffy

If you have already selected the toy and can’t get your child’s input then opt for the cutest, softest, furriest, and fluffiest animal that you can find. There are many options to choose from an online store then you get from a store. Kids can’t resist their happiness when they snug a super squishy-soft object.

Match The Toy To a Character That Your Child Loves

If you are looking for a fun and a magical way to bring your children’s favorite book to life then choose a stuffed toy to the character in their favorite storybook. Pairing a realistic and super fun stuffed toy with a book can make the best gift.

Consider the Child’s Age

Stuffed toys available for babies are super soft, small or pliable enough to be grasped by little hands and free of any attachments or accessories that could pose a choking hazard.


So, these were some of the tips if you are buying stuffed animal toys for the first time for your children. However, if your buying something for your baby like nursery furniture or baby gear then it is best recommended to get suggestions from your friends and family.

Important Factors to Consider While Buying a Baby Crib

If you have a baby then you will definitely know what a baby crib is? There are many different features of baby cribs so it can be a little overwhelming to sort it all out. Cribs are is also known as baby cots which are a centerpiece of baby’s nursery and is also a special, cozy space where the baby will start and end the day.

When it comes to choosing the best baby crib, there’s a lot more to think about than just color and style. However, if you are looking for the best crib or cot to buy then just buy Cocoon Nest Cot from Australia because it is the best crib that you can get for your baby!

 Baby cribs

While for others, here are some things that you need to consider before buying cribs for your newborn ones.

Some Quick Tips

  • All cribs sold in the market meets the modern safety standards including fixed sides and mandated slat width.
  • There are many brands out there which are going eco-friendly with sustainable materials and non-toxic paints and are available at many reasonable rates.
  • Some popular convertible cribs are built to grow with baby, updating to the toddler or twin beds with just a few adjustments.

Crib Buying Basics

There is a lot to consider when investing in a crib. It should fit the vibe of your nursery but there are certain safety standards and other factors to consider too such as:

Types of  Baby Cribs

There are basically 3 types of cribs and the best type for you will depend on the space, lifestyle, and your future plans.

1.) Standard Crib

This type of crib is sturdy, safe, and comfortable, while a traditional crib is a cozy first cozy bed for baby. However, some cribs come with a hinged side to make it easier to lift the baby out. You can consider a standard crib if you are thinking of having more children within a few years.

2.) Convertible Crib

The convertible crib is also known as “lifetime Crib”. This type of crib can take your tiny newborn all the way to strapping teen, converting from a crib to toddler bed and daybed or even full-sized bed.

3.) Mini or Portable Crib

If you have less space then you can go for a mini or a portable crib.

What to Look for in a Crib?

There are cribs available in the market that ranges from $100 to $4500 for the high-end. Here are the cribs features that you need to consider:

Mattress Support

You will need a crib with a metal spring base that can withstand a jumping toddler than a wooden slat base.

 Adjustable Mattress Height

Adjustable mattress height enables the mattress to be lowered as your baby grows, so he can’t climb right out of the crib.


Another well-known feature on many mini and portable crib models is the wheels which make it easy to move the crib as needed.

Crib Shape

There are some cribs out there which are in the shape of a cocoon-like round or oval cribs which are stylish and sweet but keep in mind finding a mattress or sheets for crib shapes can be more difficult. You can buy such type of cribs from any baby stores in Hoppers Crossing, Victoria!

All About Convertible Car Seats

If you are parents of a newborn baby then probably you will be bombarded by advice from your mom, your neighbor, and relatives from all over the world! You will start to get all sorts of advice from the bottle or breast milk to disposable or cloth diapers to the infant or convertible car seats!

But in the end, you will straight cut through the opinions and get to the facts! While if it is the matter about the car seats, you need to start defining by what exactly is a car seat? Basically, a car seat is a convertible seat that can be used rear-facing when your car is an infant and forward-facing as your child starts to grow into a toddler. Most seats are compatible can be used with car’s seat belts or latch belts.

Moreover, there are several factors to consider when shopping for car seats. The most important thing to consider while buying car seats is the safety ratings. You should also consider your child’s age and size, your budget, vehicle type, and many more!

Moreover, if you already have a child and looking to buy a car seat then go for the Maxi Cosi Vela, as it is the best convertible car seat that is available in the market!


Know the Basic Guidelines

Car seat recommendations have changed over the years, all thanks to the research done by American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and many other agencies. As the laws and regulations changes, it is best to follow AAP recommendations.

Here are some general recommendations from the AAP as of 2018:

  • Babies should be kept rear-facing until the age of 2 years old.
  • Use a forward-facing harness for as long as possible.
  • Children should be in a booster seat until the age of 8-12 years and should be 57 inches tall and until the vehicle belts fit them.
  • Replace any seat that’s damaged or involved in a car accident.
  • Children should ride in the back seat until they are 13 years old.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Car Seat

The car that is manufactured before 2002 will most likely not to have a LATCH system. LATCH was designed to make it easier to properly install a car seat without using the vehicle belts.

Moreover, you should know the dimensions of your car interior as some car seats won’t fit well in some models.

Know your budget because car seats can cost anywhere between $100 to over $500! So, it becomes a highly considerable investment for some families. The good thing about these car seats is that the price does not determine the safety of a car seat.

So, look for an option that will save your money, such as a convertible or all-in-one seat that will grow with your child from birth through booster age.

Know your lifestyle, as not every car seats fit with every lifestyle. If you travel or commute very often and need to frequently switch your car seat from one vehicle to other. Then you need a car seat that’s lightweight and quick to install. While if you walk or jog often then you will need a car seat that fits better on a stroller!

You can buy these types of car seats from baby stores from Hoppers Crossing in Australia!

baby shopping

The 5 Baby Essentials That Parents Can Buy

If you have newly become parents then you must be thinking of getting something adorable for your newborn on their first birthday, holiday or a celebratory milestone! Here are the 5 best baby essentials that you can buy for your baby!

Have a look!

1. iCandy Orange

iCandy Orange is the latest innovation pushchair technology which is infused with flawless style and rich textures. The brand has made Orange with eye-catching iCandy branding along with minimal rivets on display which creates the unique and sleek design!

The Orange features lightweight chassis, huge basket for lots of storage and ability to upgrade into a double or twin pushchair! This one-of-its-kind pushchair offers more than 30 configurations and combinations for ultimate flexibility. With the capacity of 20kg, Orange eliminates the need and expense of a separate ride on board. You can buy this from the baby shop in Wantirna, Australia at an unbelievable price!

2. Boppy Newborn Lounger, Elephant Love Gray

This lounger is designed ergonomically which ensures a comfortable yet safe and snug fit! It also provides support to baby’s head, neck, and limbs by its cushioned side supports. The Boppy Newborn Lounger is designed to handle babies that weigh as much as 16 pounds! this cushion gives parents a hands-free break or can be used to support baby when feeding or while sitting.

3. Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano Gym

As the name suggests the Kick and Play Piano Gym comes with 4 play modes for baby’s every stage. With the lay mode, the baby can lay down and can try to grab the five dangling toys that spin! They can even kick on the large buttons of the piano that plays music! Tummy mode helps baby to keep their heads up as they focus on the characters that are stitched on the mat. This kick and play piano gym are the best for your little ones as the lights and music keep them engaged and help in developing motoring skills! The piano can be detached which creates the play mat for the play-n-go mode!

4. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine, and OK-to-Wake

Perfect for every parent, this device gets connected to your smartphone and can be controlled to adjust multiple brightness levels, colors, sounds, and volumes! This device features a soft light for the late-night feedings and diaper changes, white noise to quiet down the little ones. This device also features an ok-to-wake alert which wakes up the toddlers get out of bed in the morning!

5. Waterproof Silicone Bib Easily Wipes Clean!

These silicone bibs are the perfect gift for your kids as it is affordable and useful as well! These silicone bibs come in a set of 2 and feature adjustable closures. These lightweight bibs can easily fit kids that ages from 6 months to 6 years. As the name suggests, these bibs are made from 100% food-grade silicone and are waterproof and stain resistant as well! Cleaning these bibs are very easy, just empty the food, wipe it off with a clean cloth or pop it into the dishwasher for sanitizing! The bibs are available in 2 dazzling colors!

baby car seat cover

Tips on Choosing Baby Car Seat Covers

Choosing a baby car seat cover is as important as choosing a right car seat for your kids! However, the main thing that you should consider while choosing both is the safety of your baby.

Moreover, baby’s comfort is equally important as his/her safety! Along with a baby car seat, you should also consider some tips while buying car seat covers as it helps protect your baby by gripping them against the seat.

car seat cover

In order to save money, some manufacturer’s use cheap materials which end up causing rashes on baby’s skin. However, you can buy a Maxi Cosi capsule from any online or outlet store which offers the best grip, comfort, safety and everything else in between! It’s like a complete all-in-one package for your baby!

Moreover, you should consider these factors when you buy baby car seat covers for the baby seats. Just have a look:

The Perfect look

Babies are very small to talk about their choices! That is why you should look for colors that they might like! You can even get seat covers that match with their toys! Don’t ever choose dull or shaded colors that might upset your child. You can even choose from a variety of designs that are available in the market.

Quality of Fabric

Most of the seat covers are made from cotton which is largely available and is the most bio-friendly clothing material available in the market. Cotton helps in absorbing body sweat and maintains the body temperature. Other than cotton, there are some polyacrylic fabrics available in the market that help in regulating body sweat. You should touch and feel the fabric’s material before buying it!


You should consider buying covers that are easily washable because babies can make it dirty with urine and stool! So, you need a cover that holds baby fluids without disturbing them. Choose the best quality baby seat covers that contain absorbent materials like polyurethanes.


You should always check for the cushioning on the seat cover as it will help your baby to stay safe when you brake suddenly! Cushioning is also important for their comforts. Covers with cushions will absorb the shock and protect your baby.

Fit and Design

It is ideal to try the covers on your baby before trying them. The covers available on the market come in different style and designs. Choose the covers that fit perfectly on the seat. Check if the strap covers are intact as it will protect your baby and hold it tight.


Seat covers are available in a range of options and you can surely find differences between cheap and high-quality fabrics. Most of the car seat covers are tested for their safety and protection and are sold in the market after making an assurance. The prices depend on the type of cover, quality, safety, cushioning, and many more aspects. However, if you love to go on long drives then you should choose a cover with quality fabrics, better cushioning, great fit and finish!

However, if you live in Australia then you should surely visit baby shops near Wantirna to buy baby essential products such as baby car seat covers, strollers, prams, car seats, etc. all at one place.

How to Choose the Best Convertible Car Seat for Your Baby?

The safety of your little bundle of joy is naturally extremely important to you. That is why you are buying a good car seat for them is essential. Don’t forget though, that not all car seats are created equal. With so many options to choose from, don’t be caught making a purchase you’ll regret. Check all these points, mentioned below, to buy the best convertible car seat for baby.

Convertible Car seat

  • Comfort
  • Adjustable Features
  • User-Friendly
  • Safety
  • Protection from Side Impact
  • Cleaning
  • Lightweight


Make sure that the seat is well padded without itchy harnesses. Plus it should have proper head and neck support. Do not fasten the safety belts so tight that your tiny tot can’t even move. If everything is smooth, you will have a happier, less-cranky baby.

Adjustable Features:

Baby Convertible Car Seat


You’ll need to adjust the harness as your child grows. The better car seats allow you to adjust the straps and harness height easily from the front. There are some models available that even have single-handed belt adjustments with quick-release buckles.


Car seats have been awarded star rating to indicate how user-friendly they are. You need to pay attention to these ratings. Otherwise, the tricky straps and buckles will make a stressful day more stressful.


Be careful that you only buy a car seat with a 5-point harness for your baby. These harnesses indicate that there is a strap for each shoulder, a strap for baby’s hip, and a strap which fits between your child’s legs. These are found in most car seats and are essential safety features.

Protection from Side Impact:

Not all car seats feature custom-made shock-absorbing foam inserts. These foam inserts provide additional head and chest protection. If in the worst case you find yourself in a car accident, there should be safeguards from side impacts for your kiddie.


Baby car seats with covers that are detachable are far easier to clean than covers which don’t come off. You will be needing to wash the covers after every mess your tiny tot will be done. Thus, keep in mind when shopping to buy a seat with easily removable covers and machine washable fabric.


The car seat you are going to purchase should be lightweight. If you will buy a seat with heavyweight you will find trouble to move your kid with it. Or else you will end up with your hand aching.


These are the points you should keep in mind while visiting a baby shop in Blackburn to buy the car seat for your little wonder. The smoother, and safer the car seat is the happier your baby and you will be.

Choose a Perfect Nursing Chair For You And Your Kid

Dealing with newborn babies is not an easy work. This especially the case during feeding time. If the baby is not relaxed, he or she will start crying and avoid feeding. Even if they are relaxed, your hands will start aching after holding them for so long. A nursing chair will prevent both problems.

The armrest keeps you from getting tired while the rocking mechanism will help to sooth the baby. Some of the chairs also come with an ottoman so you can rest your feet while feeding the kid.

Here is a list of different nursing chairs, rock chairs, and gliders. See through it and choose the best suitable for you.

Il Tutto Milla Nursery Chair

Il Tutto Milla Nursery Chair

The il Tutto Milla Nursery chair is expertly crafted with a solid hardwood frame, extra thick padding for comfort and includes 4 additional beams, so when your nursing period is over, you can transform this chair from a rocker into a stylish armchair.

Boston Nursery Rocking Chair with Footrest

The Boston nursery rocking chair is perfect to rock the day away reading, sleeping, or nursing. This high-quality glider is expertly crafted from the best materials, making them a property that will last for generations.

Valco Baby Bliss Glider

Valco baby bliss glider

The Valco baby bliss glider comes with the matching ottoman. Your kid will be extra comfy with its smoothness. Moreover, kids will enjoy the smooth rocking motion.

Valco Baby Eurobell Glider

valco baby Eurobell glider slate grey

The Eurobell glider is designed as a nursing chair. Thus, it has the quality of both nursing chair and glider. The soothing gliding motion and comfortable padding of a nursing chair will ensure you, that you and your baby are in the most comfortable environment possible.

Madison Nursing Rocking Chair

Madison nursing rocking chair is a nice choice for feeding and settling. You can enjoy the gentle rocking. Its gray coloured soft cushions are giving it a lavish look. You can purchase the matching ottoman separately.

Baby Direct Deluxe Glider

Baby Direct Deluxe Glider

The Baby direct deluxe glider is a Smooth rocking chair with easy to glide ottoman. It has microfiber cushions for softness and durability. Moreover, it has extra thick back cushions promotes Ergonomic health and reduce back pain. The gliding ottoman helps reduce water retention. You can arrange it in the nursing room, bedroom or living room.

Using a nursing chair is definitely an advantage if you are looking for a place to nurse your kid or just rest while carrying your kid. With the competitive prices are available from these brands will surely be cost-effective.


Browse online today to purchase a glider chair or rocking chair from a reliable baby shop in Mitcham to nurse your kid with softness and comfort.

To Give Your Toddler a Bundle Of Comfort, Buy Joolz Pram

After being a parent what is more important than the comfort of your kid? You are the only one to take care of each and every need of the baby. You enjoy his first eye-opening, his first smile, his first word and everything.

It does not end with enjoyment only, as a new parent, you have lots of new responsibilities. You face new issues every day. With all the issues, all you want is the safety and comfort of your tiny tot. For that, all you need to do is just buy Joolz pram, the bundle of comfort for you and your tiny tot.

Why Joolz pram is considered as a bundle of comfort for you and your baby? Here are some of the comfy features of both the style of Joolz pram which will prove you that.

Joolz Day2

Joolz Day2

With Joolz day2 you can safeguard your kid inside the pram, thus he does not get any dust, smoke or germs of outside. Moreover, you will be able to see what he is doing inside, so does he, with the see-through cot ventilation. For the comfort of your infant, in Joolz day2, they are giving you the cozy and smooth head cushion on the mattress.

You can make your kid sit on table height with you, while you are having a family dinner or a date with your friends with Joolz day2. It also has an adjustable footrest to place the child’s legs and feet in comfort. This is particularly good for a child who has fallen asleep. It will prop up their legs into a lay flat position.

Moreover, its compact folding and upright storage will give you comfort, for storing while not in use, or while you want to transport it from one place to another.

Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo2

Joolz Geo 2 will provide a transport lock, which ensures you that the frame of the stroller remains locked, and folded when you transport. A stroller with a transport lock is easier to manage. Moreover, it provides you one-motion folding. Which is easy to fold and store.

With Joolz Geo 2 you will get a compact duo pushchair, for your both the kids. That means that you do not need to handle two prams for your two kids. You can enjoy your outing with both the tiny tots, together.

As like Joolz day2, Joolz Geo 2 too will allow you to make your baby sit at the table height. It also provides you a removable extra large basket which you can use as your convenience. Moreover, it is a terrain product. It means that you can use it wherever you go.

Over to You

You can see how much comfy it is for your toddler and you. So, if you are pregnant or you already have your joy in front of you, you must not wait to go and purchase one. You can buy it from a trustworthy baby shop in Doncaster.