Strollers or prams are the basic essentials for the parents that help them to carry their little one comfortably with them to all places. As a result, the baby products market avails you with a wide range of different prams that are specially designed keeping the baby’s safety and comfort in mind. As you surf across different brands of prams, you will definitely find something new and something better in each of the products. So, below is presented a brief focus on the currently trending pram in the market- the iCandy prams.

03 The new addition to the attractive range of the iCandy prams- the iCandy Strawberry Australia has a set of new features that one would simply love to have. The pram is made from the softest fabrics that are perfect for the soft baby skin and are preferred by a majority of the parents. The most outstanding feature of the iCandy Strawberry pram is the Step and Stand Fold action that is buzzing around the market. Usually, the busy parents are being able to fold as well as unfold the pram with one hand is certainly one of the best features of the pram. Also, it stands when it is being folded and that makes iCandy Strawberry unique from other prams.

Another best feature of iCandy Strawberry pram is that it is super lightweight, just weighing 8 kg. Other than that it is quite easy and comfortable to lift into a car boot as well as easy to carry and store when you are travelling or using a public transport relying easily on the backs and shoulders. The major attraction of iCandy Strawberry pram is its seat that does almost everything you need. It can be adjusted to 3 positions and gets reclined so that the baby can comfortably sleep or sit up. Also, it can be adjusted forward or rearward facing so that the babies can have a look at the outer world and you as well. It also offers a zip pocket underneath the leg rest in order to store wallets, keys or any of the handy little things.

04 An optional extra black carrycot base is also offered with the pram for comfortable overnight sleeping. It comes with the feet that restrict the base from touching cold surface while providing better ventilation. Thus, if you are looking to buy a pram for your little one, you can surely opt the iCandy Strawberry pram that truly has most impeccable features to keep your baby safe and comfortable!