Baby carriages, commonly known as strollers or bassinets are a parent’s best friend, as they help them to carry their baby with utmost care, in such a way that the baby feels comfortable during travelling. It is one of the most important baby stuff that is required after a baby is born. Parents need to pay attention while choosing the right stroller for their baby in order to avoid facing any kind of trouble or inconvenience.

Thus, while planning to buy a stroller how would you differentiate their qualities? We are here to help and guide you with this matter. As you must know there are varieties of strollers available in the market as well as various online baby product stores like Maclaren that deals only with strollers for baby. You need to know your baby’s requirements and after that you should proceed further to buy a best fit stroller for your baby. Before that you should know the basics of strollers that you need to check before buying one for your little one. The first and foremost thing is to check the safety features related with the stroller you choose to buy. The safety features includes the following:

Common safety features: Baby’s safety is one of the biggest concerns related with baby strollers. Check stability of your strollers before purchasing it, and also check the harness of the stroller. The best one is a five-point harness for those infants and babies, who rest in the stroller for maximum amount of time. While taking occasional trips to malls or any other places, a three-point harness might work well for it. Check that the stroller remains upright when the diaper bag is hanging on the stroller.

Stroller wheels and handles: Check the wheels, as well as the handles of the stroller by testing it at the store/shop itself before making a purchase. Check the handle’s height so as to make sure that you are comfortable while carrying it. Parents who are taller should search for those strollers that have adjustable handles and can match with their heights as to avoid stooping or leaning down. Select the one that makes smooth turns and makes smooth corners, more specifically if they are used at crowded places. Try to walk along with strollers at a faster pace and make sure that your feet are not hitting the wheels of the stroller. Foam covered handles are considered as the most comfortable strollers to carry with you.

Different stroller convenience features: Strollers come with different types of attributes. For instance, some have basket underneath strollers to carry diapers, toy bars, rain hoods, and snack and drink holders and many more. Some strollers have other types of special external arrangement to carry all these things. Also many of the accessories are available separately along with strollers.

These are common safety issues related with strollers. Before buying one for your baby, you should be aware about the different categories of strollers available in the market. You need to be clear about your needs while purchasing it. There are different types of strollers available in the markets that are classified as follows:

Lightweight Strollers: Lightweight strollers are the new generation strollers that come under 20 pounds having features of larger strollers such as reclining seats, sun shades and storage baskets. These strollers are mostly preferred by travellers and by those who prefer to visit malls or zoos.

Standard Strollers: Standard strollers are generally larger and heavier than lightweight strollers that feature roomier seats, more storage space, larger wheels as well as built-in music systems and ergonomic handles. These strollers are built for most favourable or unfavourable conditions and many of the parents prefer its versatile wonders. Jogging Strollers: Jogging strollers are considered as a backup for standard strollers. They have features like large and sturdy tires, hand-grip brakes, sleek frames and all types of terrain suspension items. These strollers are suitable for almost any kind of land surface. Jogging strollers do not fold easily or they are not flat as other strollers and these types of strollers are not recommended for infants under 6 months. Thus, for every parent it is recommended that they must buy proper stroller for their little one according to their needs. As there are various variants of strollers available in market, one must prefer to choose the best suited stroller for their baby. ]]>