Becoming parents for the very first time is a unique and most memorable experience for the parents. Before having first ever parenting experience, parents need to arrange basic necessities for their infants. Even though they are not having much experience on how to handle babies, they should be well prepared and should arrange basic necessities for babies.

Arranging for baby essentials for first time may look challenging task for many parents. Innumerable options are available in the market for each and every baby items and so it becomes quite confusing task to decide that which item is worth buying. There is need for new parents to get some good assistance regarding basic necessities of a toddler prior to their birth. Well we are providing some assistance regarding baby furniture and other nursery items that are required for nurturing a toddler. Following are some important nursery items that should be assembled before baby’s birth:



First and foremost baby nursery furniture is baby’s crib or baby’s bed. The main attraction of a baby’s room is a place where baby sleeps. Whether it is a baby crib or a simple bassinet, everyone will attract towards baby’s crib. Before buying crib or bassinet, you should be aware of various varieties of cribs available in the market. Check quality of the crib and make sure it is strong and spacious for a toddler to sleep comfortably inside it. Check side rails of the crib and avoid buying drop-side cribs as they are not enough strong to provide adequate support to the baby and it is banned by U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Changing table:

Changing table

Changing table is needed to ease your work while changing baby diapers. There is possibility that your baby needs frequent diaper change when they are newly born. So a changing table will make you comfortable with that part as you will be having a well organized stationary changing table in baby’s nursery. Changing tables comes in various varieties- some containing different shelves for organizing diapers, wipes and essential ointments while others containing a comfortable baby pad to lay your baby on.

Glider or rocking chair:

rocking chair

A glider or rocking chair is needed to make your baby as well as you comfortable during feeding. Babies are comfortable and keep themselves calm by the rocking motion offered by chairs and gliders. It is a comfortable spot for mothers for breastfeeding their babies and helps babies to sleep with its movement.

Diaper pail:

Diaper pail

Diaper pails are helpful for the parents to dispose-off dirty diapers and are helpful in reducing the headache of running to the trash each time they change diapers. This helps to keep your baby’s nursery or room tidy and hygienic.

Baby monitor:

Baby monitorMost of parents feel uncomfortable to leave their baby into nursery and try to take rest in a separate room. So to solve this problem, baby monitors are used for constant video as well as audio monitoring of their babies through which parents can see their babies throughout day and night.

Soft low night lights:

Soft low night lightsSoft low night lights are needed when parents wishes to make late-night visits to the baby’s nursery. Instead of turning on a bright overhead light, a soft low nightlight can be used to guide you during night feeding or changing baby diapers.

Thus, listed above are some of the basic nursery items needed before infant’s arrival. These items should be arranged before baby is born so that parents can nurture their baby efficiently without getting much harassed for various small-small things.