Looking forward to start your fitness regimen following your childbirth? It would be quite difficult for you to leave your month old baby behind, or you could even feel it insecure to leave your kid with nanny or family-what in case the child needs you. You could enjoy the outdoor exercises by tucking the baby into a baby jogger. It’s a great invention as it could let your child see the outside world and understand various things, instead of staying indoors. The stroller is particularly designed to resist the shocks and stress while extensive jogging.

Stroller walk could make moms lose their pre baby weight and regain their health. Below are the reasons for moms to starts their stroller walking routine: It helps physical and mental well being of new moms.
  • It helps to resist post baby blues.
  • Helps the mom outside of the house to avoid getting isolated with the baby.
  • Persuade the moms to meet other new moms and form playgroups.
  • It would make the daily routine quite easy.
  • This protected environment would make the baby feel fresh.

Nowadays the various baby joggers available at Melbourne have made this concept more appealing. Thus, one could expect various accessories in the market that would be apt for you. During winter, the gloves, mounting brackets and canopies are available for good grip for the jogger. Variety of colours in the basket adds convenience and style to it. With the combination of your favourite colour and accessories, it would cost one around just $ 600 - $ 700.

The parents who like to go for brisk walking should have wheel locking system in the jogger to refrain the wheel from swiveling left to right while it is being pushed during a brisk walking session. Some parents also have obligation with the fact of having a brisk walk with the babies, but at Melbourne, the baby joggers would help them to have a walk without leaving the babies anywhere. Below mentioned points would help the parents know whether they are having a high quality stroller or not:
  • Wheels should have good movement:

This characteristic would let the wheels stay in position and resist the roughness while running on the terrain.

  • Should have a better brake:

Brakes should be installed correctly. The strength, graininess and effectiveness of the brake should be in utmost condition.

  • Safety is must:

It is similar to any other vehicle; hence it requires a belt to keep the baby secure. In, case if you have to stop abruptly, the baby should not fall off and the belt should not be too tight so that it hurts the infant.

  • Comfy with cushioning:

The fabric used inside the stroller should be hypoallergenic and soft. These extra sheets and accessories would make the stroller comfortable across the ride.

Below mentioned are some thumb rules that could be considered while bringing the kids during a jog:
  • It is better to buy a stroller with adjustable handlebars instead of fixed ones, because while pushing a stroller it is required to have a straight profile to avoid any kind of back pain. Hence the handlebar at the right level would help you to keep a straight profile.
  • It is necessary to have a handbrake and locking mechanism.
  • Shoulder harness would keep the child secure.
  • The bicycle tires would offer more stability and control.
  • It is must to have a screen in front to keep the baby safe from stray flying objects.
  • It is advised to jog on smooth surface.

Finally, it is better to focus on your health and comfort. It is advised by doctors that while lifting a child to place, you should not bend from your waist. It is better to have a 3 point squat and 2 stage lift. Just remember, the farther the child is from your body the more strain would be impacted on your spine and musculoskeletal system.