baby shop box hill to buy baby’s diapers & wipes? Well, I had used those packets for my baby & there is no complain about the quality because they offer what they claim to provide. So, here I share few tips & tricks on how to choose the quality nappy…

1. Choose the right type of nappy

First and foremost, select what type of nappy you want to use. Selection is your personal choice so, consider few factors that affect your choices like your lifestyle, your baby’s suitability etc. I can advise one thing that you should only use disposable nappies as they are more convenient, especially for the first few weeks when you & your baby, both are trying to adjust with the new phase of life. One more option is, choosing cloth nappies but using them can have side effects also so, the best preferable one is disposable nappies.

2. Before buying, make sure that your nappies are suitable for newborn

Make sure that you choose cloth nappy or disposable nappy only for your newborn baby. Try to use cloth nappies for first two to three weeks as they give room to heal baby’s wound and also gives comfort. Whereas, in case of disposable diapers, they include liquid materials for absorption purpose which may affect your baby’s sensitive skin. So, for first few weeks you should only choose cloth diapers.

3. Stocking up in advance

Your delicate doll (newborn) will need to feed many times a day and for that, you need to change diaper several times. This means, per day you can take 12 diapers for your kid. If you are using disposable diapers then buying in-stock will save your money. So be wise & stock it up!… If you are using cloth nappies then your buying depends on the material of the cloth. But cloth nappies take your too much time as every time you have to wash that piece of clothing. Final Thoughts Hope, after knowing this sensitive topic, you will buy the best one for your baby. ]]>