convertible-baby-car-seat Many parents are of the opinion that their toddler becomes overwhelming with joy in a convertible car seat. Let us have a real deal with the factors that help in choosing the best convertible seat for your baby:

5-Point Harness

Including chest clip, 2 straps, and 1 crotch strap, 5-point harness for your convertible baby car seat are considered the safest. You can opt for straps that are easy to latch and unlatch. Just you need to make sure that the latches are easy to strap and unstrap. Also, make sure that the shoulder harnesses are below the shoulder level of your toddler. The 5-point harness provides a better control of holding the children more effectively in case of any accident or car crash.

Supports Your Child’s Head

Look for a seat that has the provision to insert and support his head. Make sure that you skip neck pillows. They seem to be supportive but actually, they can fatal and deathly at the time of any crash or accident. Be aware that the inserts you use are manufactured by the company itself and not being purchased from the local market. This would not only save your budget but also would ensure safety for your tiny tot.

Comfort Ensured

Do the convertible car seat material is comfortable for your baby? Hold on! This is not luxury but an extra step ahead to take care and soothe the baby. This won’t burn a hole in your pocket if you take some extra car accessories for the safety of your kid. You can use additional paddings and other similar cottony items that will make the tiny tot feet happy and soothing. Baby bumps would get tired while sitting for a longer period of time, like ours. The thicker the padding is, more likely your baby would be comfortable.

Side Impact Protection

The car seat should act as a side impact collision protector, in which the child should feel safe. When the car jerks, the child position should be stable so that he is not affected by the jerk. Deep sided walls and sufficient barriers around the neck, spine, and head will definitely protect your baby if a side collision happens.

LATCH System

LATCH is the acronym used for “Lower Anchor Tethers for Children”. It is a unique method for securing the car seat into the car. This system was developed to make the installation of convertible car seat easier. Instead of using the seat belt to secure it, this LATCH system allows the parents and guardians to leash the seat directly with the car. Make sure that your convertible car seat that you have selected has two bottom straps and one top strap. Over To You While purchasing a convertible car seat for your toddler, there will be the plethora of options available in the market. A car seat for your baby is one of the most important pieces of safety gear that parents can buy while traveling by road. Now when the ball is in your court, decide wisely of how to buy a convertible car seat that your baby would be safe and comfortable as well. ]]>