According to many reports, more than 90% of the 4-8-year-old children that injured in a crash were not restrained in a booster seat. While some other report suggests that about 40% to 50% of 4-8-year-old children were totally unrestrained in fatal crashes.

So, when your child is kicking and screaming because they are fixed in a car seat or booster seat and you might think to let them out but don’t do that. In an event of a collision, having a child restrained in the proper seat can save their life.

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Seat Belts are For Adults

When it comes to designing the car, the measurements for parts are measured regarding adults and not for the kids. That is the reason why seat belts are also not meant for kids and in such cases, you will need a booster seat to properly fit your child in your car. While the safety features will only work if you modify your vehicles according to your child.

Right Style of Seat Can Save Your Children

According to the NHTSA, there are four types of car seats: rear facing, forward facing, booster seat and seat belts. In addition to the law, a child’s age and weight determine which style of the seat should they use.

Moreover, if you aren’t sure which type of seat is best for your child, you can check it out online. However, there are many types of booster seats available in the market so you also check for the best booster seat to buy from the internet.

Have it Properly Installed

Installing a booster car seat correctly can be daunting but could save your child’s life. While it is a combination of knowing what equipment your vehicle has available to secure it. Start off the installation process by pulling out your vehicle’s owner manual and checking their recommended installation points.

After that check your car seat’s installation guide and install the seat in a position that is recommended by the manufacturer. After you have installed the seat correctly, make sure to schedule an appointment with your local police or fire department to ensure your booster seat is installed in the safest position.

If you have any trouble in installing your car seat, you can contact your nearest certified car seat technician.

Misusing the Seat Belt

Although it might not be comfortable for your child they need to follow strict safety standards that are recommended for seat belts used with booster seats.

While some common misuse of seat belts includes:

  • Placing the seatbelt under the window-side arm of the child
  • Lap belt high on the belly
  • Seat belt over the armrest of the booster seat
  • Moving the top of the shoulder belt behind the back of the child for added comfort.
  • A child holding the shoulder belt away from the body using their hands.