Every parent is always distressed for the safety of their little ones. Regardless of how challenging it might be, they would do anything for their baby and serve him/her with the ultimate convenience. And their concern for child’s security increases even more while traveling.


When it comes to traveling with a kid, it is profoundly recommended to do so having special car seats for them. It harnesses child firmly and protects from falling or hitting interiors of the car during a sudden break. It is specifically designed for making them comfortable and preventing from any harms.

Car seats are acquired based on the age of babies. They are of three types:

  • Infant Car Seats (0-6 months)
  • Convertible Car Seats (0-4 years)Boosters (4-8 years)
  • Boosters (4-8 years)

Convertible car seats can be used for the kids ranging from the age of 0 months to 4 years, some of the parents get confused to decide for selecting the most appropriate one. It is because infant car seats can be used for newborns till he/she reaches the age of 6 months. For this purpose, first of all, one needs to understand what exactly is the difference between the two.

When on hand, babies up to 22 to 40 pounds can be fitted more comfortably in the infant car seats. On the contrary, babies up to 40 to 60 pounds which comprise space for newborns and grown up kids both. Infant car seats prove to be the best for the safety of the little one and can be carried outside the car. But, the only drawback is that it would be required to replace as and when the kid grows.

However, some end up buying one or other according to their needs and those who go for the infant car seats, they often fail to judge the period for switching to another one. Due to this reason, we thought to reduce your mental burden by jotting down the correct time to make a swap. For instance, if you own Nuna Pipa Klik Infant Carseat, then when you should switch to Maxi Cosi Vela Convertible Car Seat can be known by taking guidance from the following information.

Go Through Instructions

First and foremost thing one can do is check out the instructions that are displayed on the product. Doing so, you would get a clear idea about the height and weight it can carry. Accordingly, it would reflect correct period for shifting to the other one.

Apart from reading instructions, you can check it on your own by examining if the kid’s weight or height limit is maxed out, then it is right time you should change the seat, regardless of the age. Moreover, you should make a change when baby feels uncomfortable, or he/she is unsafe.

Buying and shifting from one type of car seat to another isn’t an arduous task. Even after referring this piece of writing, if you get confused, just browse through Baby Direct, which is the online store that has specialized in providing all the products for babies.