Being a parent, you must be looking for the best baby buggy or a pram for your bundle of joy. Opting for the right set of wheels for your little one is quite a time-consuming task as it requires a lot of features to be kept in mind before buying a one. As a result, before making up your mind for buying a new or used buggy for your child, have a look at below-listed features to go with the perfect one:

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Buy the most affordable one: Before looking out for several options for buying suitable pram for your baby, just ensure how much you can afford for your little one.

  • First you need to check that the pram you are choosing suits both the parental needs as well as physiques. It should be such that both the parents feel comfortable while carrying it. Some of the prams like the icandy prams Australia are best suited with the parents as well as baby’s needs too.
  • The weight of the pram is manageable when it comes to lifting and fitting it at the back of the car or when planning to carry it to the upstairs or into the house.

Determine how long you want the pram to last: It is quite obvious that the product you will be purchasing for your baby should last long as much as possible just to ensure the safety of your little one. Majority of the prams are being designed to last from birth to about 4 years. Other important things to check are:

  • If you are looking pram for a newborn, you need to look for the one that is 130 degrees from the horizontal to be suitable. It should not be perfectly flat for your infant.
  • Consider the weight of the pram once your infant becomes a toddler. If it is an active baby, opt for the lighter ones.
  • Also, decide if you are going to use the same pram for your future children.
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 Look at the activities you will be performing with the pram: It is important to look the activities that you are going to perform with the pram as you have to carry your baby in it.

  • If you are exercising a lot (for instance, jogging), then you should look for the brands that are designed in a way so as to keep your baby safe and comfortable with that.
  • If you are a shopaholic, then it is advisable looking for 3-wheeler models having wider wheel base that increases its stability on the rough terrain. Just ensure that your baby is comfortable with it.
  • If you prefer going on regular vacations, like on the beaches, then think about the wear and tear of the wheel fittings. Also, the baby must feel comfortable with the bumpy surfaces.

Thus, these were some of the most prominent features that must be considered before buying a baby buggy. best