One of the most important baby essentials for your little one is the cribs or the baby cots where your little one spends most of the time. As a result, it is important to have a thorough assessment of the cribs in order to check its safety, durability as well as the ease of use. The well-tested baby furniture is best to purchase, which will ultimately ensure the baby’s safety to a greater extent.

So, let us have a look at some of testing features of the infant cot beds that would keep your baby safe and secure:

  • Structural testing:

Before going with any of the prams, you need to first ensure that both the cots and beds satisfy the safety standards for its construction and durability. Check the bed base as well as the base slats of the cot.


Check out that how much weight these infant cots could hold, if in case the toddler jumps in the cot. Also, check the side rails of the cot in order to ensure the safety of the baby.

  • Safety test:

One has to go through a huge checklist in order to ensure that each cot is well structured as well as safe to use. This usually includes checking its correct dimensions, testing the durability of the components as well as checking the potentially dangerous features. Each and every feature of the baby cot must be tested along with other sticking probes that could stimulate their heads, fingers or limbs while causing them injury.

  • Proper assembling of cot:

Assembling of a cot is another important factor as the improper assembling of cot would lead to several problems. The quality of these infant cots also depends on the quality of instructions as well as the process how easy they are to follow as well as assemble the cots safely. The testing of these parts must be done thoroughly else it would result into a major safety issue.

baby  cots

As a result, this is how one could ensure baby’s safety in the infant cot beds. Other than the above things, the cot beds must be placed in the place from where they can easily access the cot beds. Other than that, parents could drop slats of one side to access their baby easily during feeding time or at night during sleeping hours. Thus, make an effective purchase of the infant cots after testing all its features.