A cot or a cot bed, it would be most bulky and expensive piece of baby equipment you would require before the arrival of your baby. It is crucial to consider factors for choosing the right cot for your baby as parents these days have numerous attractive options such as to buy Cocoon Ritz Cot to furnish kid’s nursery.


Here is the guide to select a perfect cot product for your little one that can be useful until you child grows to 8 to 9 years old. Take a peek and know how to choose a baby cot or cot bed:

Start searching early

It is better to start your research on an early basis because believe it or not but you might change your mind a few time before you make a final decision. Also, the product might not be available at the time when you need it or the delivery time is longer than you expect. Considering such factors, it is advisable to search for your required cot in advance so that you can have a backup plan.

Contemplate the room size

Are you planning to fit the cot in your room for initial few weeks? Is baby’s nursery room enough spacious for the cot bed you are about to buy? This aspect should be considered before you bring a cot home. It is suggested to make a brief room plan for baby cot and related other furniture. So that while shopping, you would not need to waste time evaluating whether or not the furniture fits in your child’s bedroom. Make a list of the products you want in your baby’s room and take a measurement of the room before you finalize any cot bed for your little one.

Determine: Drop rail or fixed side

It is your personal preference as some people like fixed bed while some like to have drop rail. That’s because some of you need it while others do not. You can go for a cot design that allows performing a one-handed operation if you want to have a cot with drop rail. It assures a firm hold of your baby when you lower him to put into the cot.

Convertible or non-convertible to a toddler bed

Well, many of you would like to have a transition from a cot into a mini bed before your bay grows enough to be put in a larger bed. In such cases, cot bed is the best convenient option. A growing baby is agiler as they are learning to move in the bed or to walk on their own. So, it becomes essential to ensure their security. It would be excellent if the cot can be converted into a toddler bed where your baby has been sleeping safe and sound since a long time.

After all these factors mentioned above, you still need to be careful about choosing the mattress and a cot with wheels. You can come across a variety of products if you visit Baby Direct store that is a one-stop solution for any baby products you necessitate for your little bundle of joy and cuteness.