Need for baby cribs/cots Small infants sleep a quality time to sleep which requires a peaceful sleep without any disturbance. Babies sleep more, some for long period of time while some sleep in short bursts. Thus every baby has their own pattern of sleeping and it is necessary that the time span they spend on sleeping should feel comfortable to them and they can have good naps. A famous baby crib center in Australia states that, if an infant is too small and it requires breast-feeding, the baby cribs are useful for both, infant and mother itself, to get have a comfortable breast-feeding and then place the infant on the crib smoothly without any obstruction. Mothers can place the cribs next to their bed for keeping-an-eye over the baby and monitor their baby during their sleeping time.

Safety measures need to be considered while purchasing baby cribs:
  • Design of baby crib:

Side rails or side bars should be at proper distance from each other and should not have bigger gaps between rails that can trap baby’s arms, legs or head.

Crib should have minimum depth of 600 mm from top of the cot to base of the mattress.

Mattress should be enough big to get properly fixed into the crib. No extra space at the corners should be left out. No small holes or opening should be left open that could trap baby’s fingers.

  • Position of baby crib:

Position of baby cribs or baby cots and prams should be away from heaters, electric power points, curtains, windows and strangulation hazard such as cords.

Avoid hanging mirrors or picture frames nearby baby cribs, as there is a risk of falling them into cribs. Keep mobiles or stretchable toys out of reach of your child.

Avoid using electric blankets or hot water bottles with small infants and toddlers.

Toddlers under 2 years of age do not require any pillows while sleeping. So avoid using any U-shaped or V-shaped pillows for your baby.

Avoid placing small things on the cot that a baby can choke up. Also remove climbing materials out of reach of your baby.

Secure your baby by regularly checking the nuts and bolts of the crib and avoid any unwanted happening with your baby. Reducing risk involved with the usage of baby crib

Some babies die suddenly for no obvious reason which is known as Crib Death or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). This happens generally due when baby turn down and sleep on their stomach facing towards the mattress of the cot. To avoid such unwanted incident try to make sleep your baby on their back.

Some points to keep in mind to reduce risk of baby crib/cot death:

  • Place baby on their back during sleeping in a cot.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking during pregnancy. Also don’t allow smoking and drinking to others in the same room.
  • Don’t sleep on sofa or arm chair holding your baby in the arms.
  • Don’t cover baby’s head with the blanket.