For every parent, holding their child warmly is a feeling full of emotions. Baby’s first breath on the earth can fill the parent’s heart with love, care and affection. Every parent want to keep their child safe, and comfortable. A cot will probably be your baby’s bed until he or she is two to three years old. A cot should be strong, sturdy and fixed sides without broken slats, with no jagged points & edges and tends to fit a smaller space. Purchasing a baby cot can be one of the most important task, but sometimes it can be daunting for new parents.

Boori baby cot

But, when it comes to Boori baby cot, there is no need to worry. Because Boori is a well-known manufacturer of beautifully designed and constructed cots and many other things for the nursery. Boori Sleigh Convertible Cot and other products of Boori are made of high-quality materials that boast of class and excellence. As its name identifies it is basically a cot or crib that will transform into one or two different types of kids beds. You can transform it from a crib into a toddler bed, a daybed and possibly even a full-sized bed.

Here I have shared some tips that will surely help you to buy your first baby cot with confidence.

Boori Sleigh Convertible Cot

When you are going to shop a cot for your baby, make sure that the cot should conform to AS/NZS 2172, as all the new cots on sale in the Australia have to meet this safety standard. Because this safety standard ensures that the cot is deep enough to be safe for your child and the space between their bars is between 5cm and 9.5cm to stop your child’s head getting stuck of falling out. A cot which has this safety standard is surely free of protruding parts or sharp edges.

Safety is the first thing which comes to your mind. When you are going to buy a baby cot, pay your full attention to the construction materials that are used in the manufacturing process of the cot. Always make sure that the baby cot is built from sturdy materials including timber, pine, solid hardwood, and metal.

So, your child is safe and protected while taking their naps. If the cot is made of excellent quality material and you have decided to buy that cot, then you not only feel better about your decision, but you will also have a durable piece of nursery furniture that is long lasting without any maintenance.

One more factor you should consider when buying a cot is the height of the cot. Always remember that you are going to carry your child in and out of the cot many times in a day. So, the cot must have drop sides and an adjustable base height. Because it’s a good idea to lower the base when your child is old enough to pull herself up easily. Due to that, your baby stays safe in the cot. A cot must have two or three different base heights. It also has a teething rail, which is a protective plastic coating around the edges. Otherwise, it is toxic when chewing by your baby when he or she gets older.

Bonus Tip: It is a good idea to buy a cot that has wheels at the bottom if you want to be able to move from one room to another. Always try to find the best sleigh cot package deals that help you to save the big bucks.