Difrax Dental soother 12+
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The semi filled Difrax Dental Pacifier 12+ months fulfils your baby's sucking need. It stimulates the development of the palate, jaw and tongue muscles. It has a large shield and a semi filled teat, specially designed for 12+ months old babies.

The unique soother has a butterfly shaped shield ensuring a perfect fit to your baby's face. The recess for the nose enables your child to breathe freely through the nose. Two airy holes on each side provide additional airflow, preventing skin irritation.

The nozzle of the 12+ M dental teat is slightly firmer than the 6+ M soother teat but softer than the 18+ M soother.  This helps to naturally diminish the sucking need resulting in the first steps towards giving up the soother. The dental models have been developed in collaboration with a dental team. The flat side of the teat is lined against the teeth and the convex side rests against the palate.

The soother offers your child comfort, consolation and relaxation. Difrax soothers are available in many fashionable prints and different sizes. Difrax advises to replace the soother every six weeks. Perform a daily check on the dummy by pulling firmly at the nozzle, to ensure that it remains undamaged.

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