Avent - Classic + PP Feeding Bottle 125ml 3pk

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Avent Advanced Classic PP Feeding Bottle 125mL -

* Clinically proven to significantly reduce fussing

* One piece Anti-Colic Valve system- Listen for the gentle whistling sound as your baby feeds. That's your guarantee air is going into the bottle and not into your baby's tummy. The AVENT Feeding Bottle uses the unique AVENT Teat with its patented anti-vacuum skirt which prevents the swallowing of air and reduces the risk of colic. Like breast feeding, your baby controls the milk flow.

* Easy to clean- the Avent PP feeding bottle consists of minimal components for ease of cleaning and has a dome cap for hygienic storage and transportation

* Five different flow rates for teats are available - 1 x 0m+ teat included with bottle

* This BPA-Free bottle is made from polypropylene (PP).

Avent Feeding Bottles - PES vs. PP

Polyethersulphone (PES) is an extremely durable material that has a natural honey-colored tint. Its high quality means that it is heat-resistant, stain-resistant and impact resistant. Bottles made of this material are highly durable.

Polypropylene(PP) is a softer material. Philips AVENT bottles made of this material come with an additional adaptor ring to ensure the unique skirt on the nipple always fits the ring of the bottle, guaranteeing the anti-colic feature.

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