Boori Baby Plush Toys (Various Animals)

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An instant playmate, adorable plush toys designed to stir your little one’s imagination, keeping the little ones company during the day and bedtime. 

  • Made of Polyester
  • Dry clean only


Stegosaurus Plush Toy Width: 8cm | Length: 42cm | Height: 22cm
Whale Plush Toy Width: 7cm | Length: 33cm | Height: 24cm
Triceratops Plush Toy Width: 12cm | Length: 40cm | Height: 20cm
Penelope Plush Toy Width: 10cm | Length: 36cm | Height: 36cm
Cookie Plush Toy Width: 10cm | Length: 34cm | Height: 18cm
Dinosaur Plus Toy Width: 12cm | Length: 38cm | Height: 39cm
Bee Plush Toy Width: 10cm | Length: 38cm | Height: 26cm

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