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Disposable baby bibs 20 piece in a pack. Soft, water resistant layer prevents leaks and ensures dry and clean cloths. Great for meals at home and on the go. Adhesive strips to hold securely and easy. With pocket in the bottom to catch crumbs and leftovers


  • Easy to carry and use: designed to be easily carried and used. Keeps parents away from cleaning trouble.
  • Disposable environmentally friendly material. Can be easily discarded after use.
  • Water absorbing surface: high quality non-woven fabric and absorbent paper, fast absorption.
  • Stains isolation, protect baby clothes.
  • Double fixed patch: there is fixed adhesive on the back, which can effectively prevent the bibsters from tearing, moving and falling off.


  • Weight:0.19kg
  • Styles: Deer
  • Materials: non-woven, absorbent paper, PE waterproof film, release paper.

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