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A baby playpen is a very useful thing to have. Either to protect your baby from pets or young siblings or from him-/herself once mobile. By having your baby safe in the playpen means you can take your eyes of him/her for a moment to take a phone call, answer the door etc.

The BabyDan Flex Playpen comes with a padded mat that attaches to the frame with ties. The mat is fully machine washable.

The Flex Baby Playpen gate makes it easy for you to put your child in or out as you can walk in and not have to bend over the side.

INCLUDES: 1 Flex Playpen in white with padded mat in grey.

BabyDan Safety Gates & Home Safety Products

BabyDan is industry leader in the world of baby gates and child home safety. They have produced high quality products in their own factory in Denmark since 1967 and continue to innovate and perfect their range. All materials are certified and comply with strict European standards as do their designs.

We are very pleased to be bringing a selection of the BabyDan range to Australia to help you safeguard your home against unnecessary accidents and trust you will find what you need in the range.

Flex System Baby Play Pen

A playpen is great to have to keep your baby safe from pets or other toddlers. It also gives you some freedom to leave him/her out of sight for a short period of time.

The Flex Playpen comes complete with a floor mat and the gate makes it easy to get in and out without bending over the side.

After end use it can be converted to a gate system simply by adding a set of wall brackets. You can also add extension sections. This is great versatility and value for money.

The BabyDan PlayPen comes with a soft mat for the baby and you can convert the playpen into a baby safety gate later on by adding a set of mounting brackets.

It is vital that you use the ties on the mat to secure it to the frame. When the child sits or stands on the mat, then he/she cannot move the playpen either intentionally or by accident and is safe.

White only.

Components: 1 gate 72cm, 3 x 72cm panels and 2 x 33cm panels

Assembled dimensions: 105W x 72D x 70.5H cm

The BabyDan Flex Baby Playpen is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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