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The Creative Math Sticks are a creative way to learn the concepts of length, addition and subtraction in a great fun way! complete various shapes and images using the sticks: Lion with fiery mane, ladybug with spots, cool rocket, adorably tall giraffe, majestic castle etc. With this versatile game you can build the outlines of pictures, fill up the images with sticks, or mix and match for pattern creations.

The kit comes with 36 wooden magnetic sticks in various lengths, 12 double-sided printed sheets, an idea booklet, and an innovative compact box with magnetic lid.The sticks incorporate the characters and concepts of the famous mathematics rods and linking cubes, creating a brand new form of learning material for shapes, pictures and patterns building.

The sticks are magnetic and stick easily on the inner lid of the box. The thoughtful magnetic touch makes this toy frustration-free for young kids. Instead of manipulating multiple wooden sticks that move about, the magnetic nature ensure the sticks and printed sheets stayed in place, making it a breeze for kids to complete the building challenges.

A fantastic game featuring wooden sticks that children place on a card to recreate shapes and pictures. There are 12 double sided printed sheets, 36 magnetic sticks ( various lengths)that kids can use . The magnetic box and sticks will helps with holding the picture in position. This encourages learning, exploring the concept of lengths through play.


Thick cardboard double sided (20cmx20cmx.01) Wooden magnetic sticks various lengths: 1cmx.6cmx8cm (longest)


  • Rec. Age: 3 Years +
  • Brand: Tooky Toy
  • Boosts cognitive skills and sensory development
  • Helps with hand and eye co ordinations
  • Better visual spatial reasoning
  • Picture booklet included
  • Materials: Paper beech wood
  • Content Pieces: 49
  • Measurement: 21x2x21cm

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