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The Sensory Dark Den Pop Up Tent (a.k.a Sensory Blackout Tent) is a popular sturdy tent used to create a darkened sensory space. Often set up in school classrooms or homes, they give the opportunity for children to hide away when overwhelmed.

Some time in the Dark Den Tent can help children calm and self-regulate. Add in your favorite sensory items such as lighting, noise reduction earmuffs, fidgets and calming music.

This perfect little space will make a practical and sturdy addition to any sensory room, classroom, therapeutic space or home. Well suited to children who have sensory processing disorder, auditory processing disorder or are on the spectrum as it offers a calming space with reduced sensory stimulation.

We love that the Dark Den can be made completely dark or lightened to suit (by opening the windows).

We also love that the fabric breathes and it doesnt get too hot inside.

Why it is perfect for kids, especially those with sensory sensitivities

This Dark Den tent provides a personal and private sanctuary for overstimulated children to retreat. It gives children with sensory sensitivities or those with sensory processing disorder a place to escape bright lights, loud noise, siblings, and busy days. A child can shut out sensory overload and enjoy playing, reading, or just quiet time alone that they need to settle down.

The tent is 100 cm squared and has side flaps for observation, light adjustment and imaginative play.

Comes with storage bag that can be used for easy traveling.

Package Includes:

1 x Dark Den Tent

  • Size = 100cm(H) x 100cm(L) x 100cm(W)
  • Toys not included
  • Tent requires no assembly.
  • Adult Supervision required.
  • Ages 5+
  • Make sure the tent is not leaning against a hard surface e.g wall as it may block ventilation and may cause injury if the child makes a sudden move inside the tent.
  • Take care when opening as the tent is tension sprung and open quickly.
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