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1. This bubble machine is made of high-quality plastics, excellent workmanship, durable.

2. There are 69 or 80 bubble holes with LED lights, which can blow up hundreds of bubbles per minute. When the bubble is flying, the color of the bubble will cause attention to bring you more joy and your family.

3. Simple operation, non-toxic and harmless, very safe to people's skin.

4. Perfect bubble toys can increase parent-child interaction and bring good memories to children.

5. A wide range of applications, ideal for theme pairs, activities, ceremonies, carnival, birthday party, hiking, Halloween, wedding paid, etc.


Material: plastic

Color (optional): pink; purple; blue

Product size: 25 * 25 * 14cm

Gross weight: 850g

Concentrated bubble liquid material: natural soap angle, natural solution

Note: Concentrated bubble solution and bubble water are used for the bubble machine, the concentrated bubble solution is added to the water, and the mix is evenly mixed, which can be used. You can't drink, you can't touch your eyes. This product is suitable for children with children over 3 years old.


Bubble machine * 1

Bubble Bubble Liquid Bottle (Without Bubble Liquid) * 2

Tray * 1

Lithium battery * 1

Chargeline * 1

Concentrated bubble solution * 10

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