Solid Color Net Yarn Puffy Princess Skirts

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Size: 18-24M
Color: green
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The technology of three layers of soft yarn + hard yarn + inner lining is used, and the materials are super enough! The layers of the three-layer yarn are orderly and well-proportioned. A hard yarn pleating process is added between the soft yarn and the inner lining, so that the yarn skirt is like a small umbrella, full and straight, and it can stand on the table.

High Standard, High Quality: 7+ waist craftsmanship, unfolded meters; A infant clothing testing standard; 10+ manual processes. Special customized elastics, super elastic, no matter what size babies can wear their own style.

Soft & Comfy Fabric: As delicate as milk, the fabric of TUTU skirt is more delicate, softer and skin-friendly than ordinary gauze skirt.

Product Specification:

- Materials: Yarn

- Soft and comfy

- Package: 1 skirt


The TUTU yarn skirt is made of high-end customized rare yarn. The yarn quality is delicate, soft, skin-friendly and comfortable. You should be careful not to be scratched when wearing it, otherwise there will be traces of hooking that will affect the appearance. It should be washed separately when washing and care, and do not rub with other clothes. In order to ensure the transparency of the fluffy yarn of the gauze skirt version, frequent washing is not recommended.

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