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A beautiful and well designed bath support which ensures maximum comfort and safety while allowing complete freedom of movement for the baby.

Designed without an uncomfortable seating block/wedge between the legs and with no inhibitive armpit holders, the Flexi Bath Support makes it possible for the infant to really enjoy a bath.

Inspired by the mother’s womb and the support of a steady arm while bathing, the bath support is designed to fit the baby’s body shape, holding it gently in place and making sure the baby stays safely within the seating bowl of the bath support. This design is also practical as the baby develops and grows in size.

The round hook at the top of the bath support is specially designed to grip around the edge of the Flexi Bath ensuring that the support is locked safely in place.


The foldable baby bath.
Suitable for newborn babies and children up to four years
A lightweight, portable baby bath tub that folds flat
Has a non-slip base and heat sensitive plug
Optional, ergonomic Flexi Bath® Newborn Support gives additional comfort
Award-winning design.


The Flexi Bath V2 is compatible with the Flexi Bath Newborn Support
The Flexi Bath V2 is compatible with the Flexi Bath Stand



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