Rever Bebe Toddler Standing Tower

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  1. Dual-sided Drawing Board: With a whiteboard on one side and a black chalkboard on the other, children have the freedom to express themselves creatively and engage in early education activities. Providing three whiteboard pens ensures they can get started right away, fostering their artistic development and learning.

  2. Multipurpose Step Stool: Featuring a widened platform, two steps, and two drawing boards, this step stool tower can adapt to various tasks and environments within the home. Whether it's in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere, it facilitates activities like washing hands, cooking, tooth brushing, drawing, or toy retrieval, promoting children's independence and participation in daily routines.

  3. Adjustable Platform & Step: The three-level adjustable platform and step accommodate children of different ages and heights, ensuring they can comfortably reach their desired surfaces. This adaptability allows the stool to grow with the child from the age of one to seven years, serving as a reliable companion throughout their developmental stages.

  4. Ensured Stability & Safety: With a stable trapezoid structure, anti-tipping feet, wood guardrails, and rounded edges, this step stool tower prioritizes safety and stability. Compliance with safety standards such as ASTM and CPSIA further reinforces its reliability, giving parents peace of mind during everyday use.

  5. Practical Home Helper: Beyond its function as a toddler step stool, this tower serves multiple purposes around the home, acting as a ladder for adults, storage shelf, or even a plant stand. Its attractive design with beautiful patterns adds a decorative touch to various spaces, seamlessly blending into the kitchen, bathroom, or countertop areas.

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